Shit happens for good reasons

I re-aggravated my old ankle injury recently and talk about pain, restriction and obstacles to my goals!  In the 16 years of life coaching I have come to appreciate one Continue Reading →

How to move on from missing a partner

0 “One of the most challenging parts of a break-up, is dealing with how much we miss our partner. In this podcast with George & Rachel, they discuss understanding why Continue Reading →

Holding yourself back for all the wrong reasons? I did for 20 years!

I meet a lot of people who are tired in their professions and businesses. Tired of procrastinating and being too distracted from the focused actions that would help them realise Continue Reading →

Nature’s laws show how to thrive

When I wrote this blog – I took this photo of my Serene Peace plant. I had finally provided a balanced and optimal environment for it to thrive! Then before Continue Reading →

Right here, right now, you can turn on your power for purposeful being

Right here, right now. I would like to express my intention to connect you to a truth in this moment. A truth of you, your power and a way into more Continue Reading →

Does ‘Spar Coaching’ appeal to you?

I was driving today and thinking about the range of clients whom I coach. Many enjoy the EP7 process while others prefer the EP7 content and being taken through the Continue Reading →

The Power of the Never Give Up Attitude

  When you dig deep, you will be surprised what you will find, that was always there. We usually only recognise what supports how we feel at the time. So Continue Reading →